Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Wedding Stationary turned Invitation within Minutes

A wedding stationary with its many functions or uses makes it popular in the world of weddings. Many people spend their time looking for a perfect wedding stationary that they can use in their special day. The uses of it are not limited to place cards, gift tags, programs, guest lists and invitations. It depends upon your imagination on how you are going to use it. People are even studying the art of making invitations made of wedding stationary so they can use it for business or even for personal use. Making your own invitation is not that hard as long as you are patient and passionate to learn. It just involves some simple steps and tools to make one invitation. After you learn, you can definitely use your skill and learned talent in saving money for your own wedding.

It is possible to make an invitation within minutes. What you need are simple items and technology to help you have a head start in making some personalized invitations. The thing that you need to look first is the material you are going to use where you will write all the details of the wedding. A brilliant paper you can use for this is a wedding stationary because it already has a design and some also have a ready-made format in the paper. The beauty of a wedding stationary with its romantic theme or design makes it much easier for you to save time in thinking about what to design or what color to use as a background. It will save you not just time but also money. It is really easy to work with especially if you found something that was made of good quality material and great for printing. Next thing you need to do is find a sample of an invitation in the internet and just based your invitation to the format. Write all the details according to your wedding plans. You can surely find many samples in the internet with many different formats. You can pick one which you think is the best and suits you most. After typing in the details to your computer, double check it again for any errors. The last thing you need to do is find a place which offers printing services. Bring your wedding stationary and the file containing the typed data for the invitation. Then, after all those steps you already have a set of invitations. That is how you can create simple personalized invitations within minutes.


  1. Michelle these are STUNNING!!!! I love the sharp clean lines of these!!
    Thank you for stopping by with your sweet commetns..
    hugs, Janiel

  2. WoWzA, these are absolutely gorgeous! LOVE 'em!

  3. This was very interesting. Thank you for sharing. I love the cards you made. A homemade card is much more personal too.

  4. I really think that your wedding stationery is really good. I do believe that we can really make one in a minute and you have shown an exceptional talent about making one.