Monday, April 26, 2010

Cardmaking using Cutouts

There are different types of design and style out there that are applied to cardmaking, such as rubber stamping, teabag folding, cross stitch, 3D Pop up cards and many more. Actually, there are no definite rules and limits in cardmaking. It depends upon your creativity and your supplies on how you are going to make your card. The final result of the card also lies on the materials you are going to use. The color, quality, and uniqueness depend on the materials and how you are going to develop those materials into something new or unique. Of course, the card may not be made out of fancy or expensive materials that are hard to find, especially if you are living in a town where cardmaking materials are not freely available just by going to the local market.

If finding the right materials for your cardmaking project is hard for you, because of the unavailability of sources in your area, then I fully suggest that we have to use our artistic talent in being resourceful. We have to make something fancy out of simple things, just like magic. Though, this time we don’t have to think of something crazy like appearing feathers out of nowhere or colored papers being mailed to us without actually ordering. No magic stuff like that, but what we have to do exactly, is to find magazines or old papers that can still be used for our cards. Pick the ones that are still in good condition and the quality of the paper is still there. By using our talent and creativity we can surely make these old magazines and newspapers into something artistic. We can cut a page which has a nice background or if you want, just grab a plain paper so you can do your designing freely. Using the letters in the magazines and newspapers, we can make the lettering out of it. We can also cut down some pictures or photos in the magazine and use it as a design to the card. Another great idea is to cut shapes from the magazines, these simple ways can actually make a brilliant card especially if it is just a hobby for children. If you are already experienced in the field of art, you can do complicated stuff like paper mache to make a more unique card. A person’s creativity can really make everything beautiful and fancy.

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