Monday, April 12, 2010

There is Hope in Paper

Problems may suddenly arise and its complexity will depend on the knowledge we have and our preparedness to solve it. All problems can be solved if you have the basic necessities to fight it them. Actually, the battles and problems are the thrills in our life, these are what make us active and make life meaningful. During times when we encounter some odds in our life, it is our defence mechanism to think of something that can take us out of danger. Our ability to think and our defence came from the knowledge and wisdom we get from a simple paper. We may not notice the importance of reading now, but once an event or trouble comes up, we will be thankful that we were able to read and learn something about it.

Our civilization is the best example of people who understand the great importance of a material which they can use to write and record. Due to the abundance of this material now, we seldom notice its positive impact to our everyday life. If we were able to live during the times where there is no paper to be used in writing and be a source of reading, then we may understand the vitality of it. The knowledge of the people and the discoveries they learn will be put to waste if there is no material where they can transfer their thoughts. The people especially the youth must understand the importance of books in our life and what it can do to save us from the growing troubles that our world are now facing.

Books are now just being kept aside as the time of technology arises. Due to modernization, technology is now being used as an alternative to paper where they usually do writing and reading in the past. We may think that paper is now being replaced by technology but I totally disagree. Even though this material is just like a minion to technology, I may say that it still holds the power to spread and share the wisdom of people all around the globe. To our world that is now experiencing problems regarding economy, there are still some nations that are incapable of getting hold of technology and understanding its basic manipulation. That is why paper can instill hope to the people by serving as a guide to bring wisdom to their minds. It can act as a voice to the people through reading and it is where we start to learn our talent in writing or in art.

A simple
paper can bring happiness to our hearts. As a child, this material is where we learn how to write or draw. It acted as our weapon in exploring the world and our creativity. This material became the reason on why we got to experience a wide array of knowledge just like now and it is a basic necessity for the evolution of art and our own selves.

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