Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Easy to Do it Valentine’s Day A4 Card

If you are tired of buying readymade conventional card for your love one, you can choose to do your own do it yourself Valentine’s Day card. Creating your own personalize card is that hard as many people think. There are few and easy to follow steps that you can do to be able to create memorable and unique Valentine’s card. This article will show you how you can create a nice card that will not take much of your time. Here are several supplies that you need:

· Red or white cardstock paper

· Glue stick

· Scissor

· Punch hole of any shape but preferably heart shape too

· Used cards

· Glitter

· Rubber stamps

· Foam paper

· Ink of any colour

· Red and white ribbon

· Valentine scrapbooking paper

· Family pictures

· A4 card

Upon learning all the materials needed you may now start making your own Valentine’s Day card, you have to gather all of these materials right before you start.

1. Gather all the decorations- before you glue all the decorations on your card. You have to gather all decoration and do some layout on your A4 card. There are heart shape punch hole that you can buy on the market and you can make use of this punch heart shape hole on the card to be able to create more heart d├ęcor. You can use glitters with Elmer’s glue. All you have to do is to sprinkle all the heart shape together with glitters. You can also use ribbon to tie small bows. You can use red for the ribbons of your card and you can also blend it with some other colour such as white.

2. Right wording- no matter how beautiful your card turns out, it will lose its purpose, if you will not construct the right wordings or messages for your love one. It’s better if you will create your own messages coming from your innermost thought. You may also copy inspiring and sweet messages in the internet. You can make use of scrapbooking paper for your messages. You may now start printing using your computer or you can write it down on your A4 card.

3. Layout- you must plan the layout of the entire A4 card. It is important to determine which decoration will look best on the outside and on the inside. If you have a photo of you and your love one, you can also choose add photos together. You may cut your picture into heart shape to make it look more romantic. On the top of the card, you have to put on some adhesive to combine all of them including the bow; you can be unique using your own ideas. You can create variations using the ribbon to be able to show some creative and to make the card look extra special. You can put your personal messages for your love or you compose your own poem if you chose to be more romantic inside the card. You have an option there where you want to place your wordings.

Be careful not to overdo your decorations, because too much decoration may not look good.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Ways to Make Candy Gift Box Crafts for Mother’s Day

Mother’s day is one of the most special event because the hard work of mothers are truly incomparable and will remain unpaid no matter how hard you try to pay them back. One way to say thank you to your dear moms is to make them a special hand crafted material which they can keep for the rest of their lives. Candy gift box crafts are one of the most common one which is very easy to make too. You can ask your siblings to help you out in making the candy box just make sure you guide them accordingly since you will be using risky materials such as glue and scissors.

A candy gift box can be used for different types of occasions. It is also a nice idea for a birthday gift, baby shower, party favour and even just a simple token of appreciation. You don’t have to worry because the candy box is very easy to make and all materials you will need can be easily found from local shops. You will only need few simple things aside from the sweets you need to put inside the box. Here are some simple ways to make candy gift box craft at home:

1. You need to start by measuring and cutting the card stock to come up with an 8.5 by 5.5 inch sheet of paper. Set aside the scrap and place your card stock to represent the width. The pattern on the card stick should be facing you.

2. Get a ruler and measure the inches of the card from left to right. Make a park on the card stick, draw lines from top to bottom. Don’t make your pencil marks too dark because it will ruin the card stock.

3. Mark your card stick 2 inches from the left side. The line should cross the four lines you previously measured and marked.

4. Using a cutter, cut the card stock on each of the 4 vertical scores from bottom of the sheet up to the horizontal line.

5. Next step will be folding, gluing and filling

6. Fold the card stock along each of the scores, both the length and width. Fold in only one direction than folding back and forth on each score.

7. Flip card so the pattern will be away from you. The missing flap should be on the lower left side.

8. Bend on the flap towards you and place adhesives.

Now you are done with the candy gift box crafts for your mom, what you need to do is to shop for candies and sweets she loves to munch and put it inside the box. It can be a challenging task to look for your mom’s favourite candies and chocolates or crackers. It will be nice to ask your dad too if he knows something your mom loves to eat. For sure he can help you with this concern. Crafting is truly a nice and memorable activity both for kids and for parents. Always make it a point to share precious activities with kids because they will be able to learn a lot from it.

Good Smell Crafts Makes Your Life Happy

Potpourri crafts are such a wonderful way to make the environment inside your home smell good and spiced. You can also save money by making your own air freshener in the presence of a homemade potpourri. The fact that you can also give it away as a gift is such a nice and interesting idea that drives the interest of many people in trying it out. Making your own potpourri can be easy and fun. You can do it on your own through simple materials at home. All you need to do is to find a nice container or canister where you can put the entire potpourri.

These crafts are commonly composed of lavender buds, dried botanicals with fragrant oils. Any craft store will carry a selection of dried botanicals you can use along with fragrant oils. You can use potpourri oil, scented candles, and soap or if you want to be unique, you can also use dried fruits for your potpourri. There are simple ways to make dried fruits for a fragrant potpourri, here’s how:

1. Fruit preparation

Cut orange and lemon peelings into small pieces and place each piece onto the cookie sheet. You need to cut the apple, peaches and pear into the desired slice you wish to have. Put them onto the cookie sheet. Arrange them into your desired arrangement and make sure they are peeled and they don’t overlap each other.

2. The drying process

You need to set your oven to 250 degrees and place the cookie sheet with the fruit pieces and peelings inside. Leave them for 2 hours until they dried up. But you need to check on them every 30 minutes to make sure they doesn’t cook instead they just dried up.

3. Creating Potpourri

Place the fruits inside a resealable bag. Add a tbsp. of salt and one tsp. of sweet smelling spices you prefer. Close the bag and shake well. Set it aside overnight. Put it on your preferred canister or jar and enjoy the smell of the flavour you have chosen.

Now that you have your home made potpourri, you can now make your homemade canister or jar. There are lots of materials you can find at home which you can still use as a canister for your fruit potpourri. You can also make one out of carton scraps. This is also a nice gift to someone special especially if you don’t have enough money for it. Homemade crafts are one of the best ways to show your love and care to someone special. Giving gifts doesn’t necessarily mean you need to spend thousands of dollars. All you need to do is just to make something out of used things inside your home. Flowers inside your garden can also be a nice potpourri idea; they can be any of the following:

• Rose
• Pine
• Lavender
• Chamomile

You can use these fresh botanical plants to accent your potpourri and still you need to choose a perfume that goes along with the items inside the canister.